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Terms of use and precautions

Terms of Use

This site is operated by Siam NGK Technocera co.,ltd. Please read the following terms of use before using this site. Please use this site only if you agree to these terms. In addition, NGK Adrec may change the following terms of use, so please always check the latest contents. If you use this site after changing the terms of use, you are deemed to have agreed to the change. In addition, if any part of the Terms of Use is deemed to be breaching, invalid, or invalid for any reason, it does not affect the validity of any other part of the Terms of Use.

Terms of Service

About the use of this site

The copyright and other rights related to the information posted on this site belong to Siam NGK Technocera co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Siam NGK), the original author, and other rights holders. You may not copy or imitate all or part of this site for your personal use or beyond what is permitted by copyright law. Information on this site (textual information and logos, charts, sounds, images, design and layout of this site) is used (reproduction, imitation, modification, distribution, distribution, etc.) unless expressly permitted by Siam NGK Includes).

In addition, when using this site, acts that cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or Siam NGK, acts that violate public order and morals, acts that may cause such acts, acts for the purpose of profit, etc. are prohibited.


Siam NGK has posted information on this site with the utmost care. However, the accuracy and safety of the information on this site (functions contained in this site will not be interrupted, errors will not occur, errors will be corrected, computer viruses and other information will be added to this site and servers. We do not guarantee the suitability for a specific purpose, legality, etc.
In addition, Siam NGK does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by accessing or using this site.

About trademark rights

The trademark “Siam NGK” and its logo, or the names of other Siam NGK products used on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of Siam NGK or Siam NGK Technocera. In addition, other products and company names on this site may be the property of each trademark owner. Trademarks used on this site may not be diverted or reprinted without permission.

Handling of personal information

Personal information acquired on this site will be handled based on the privacy policy of the NGK Group. Please refer to the ” Privacy Policy ” for the privacy policy . In addition, this site handles the handling of personal information as follows.

  1. This site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is an encryption technology to protect personal information. In addition, we have taken other reasonable security measures such as installing a firewall to prevent leakage, diversion, and falsification of personal information due to unauthorized access by a third party.
  2. This site uses cookies to provide better service to our customers. Your browsing history, etc. obtained from cookies cannot identify a particular individual and you remain anonymous. You can also set your browser to refuse to accept cookies.
  3. This site records the information of the person who accessed it in the form of an access log. The access log records the IP address, type of web browser and OS, access date and time, etc., but it is not possible to identify your personal information.

About the link to this site

If you would like to link to this site, please contact the contact information for this site and obtain the permission of Siam NGK.

Handling of linked sites

The contents of third-party sites (hereinafter referred to as “link sites”) other than Siam NGK that link to this site or from this site are managed by each company. Regarding the use of linked sites, please follow the terms of use and copyright of each site. Siam NGK does not take any responsibility for the contents of linked sites and any damages caused by using them.

About suggestions from customers

Siam NGK will receive any suggestions for ideas regarding technology, sales, products, etc. that you have via the inquiry form on this site, except when we request you to provide them. We are refraining from doing so. Thank you for your understanding.

In the unlikely event that a customer makes a suggestion, Siam NGK does not assume any obligation or responsibility for confidentiality, evaluation, payment of consideration, etc.

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When displaying the page, please set your browser to use “TLS 1.2” or higher.

About the display of JavaScript

Some pages on this site use JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings when browsing. You can use your current browser without any problems.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this site and the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Nagoya District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes related to the use of this site.