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Product information

Sintering Industry

(Electronics, Powder Metal, all firing process industrial)

Product features

Electronic Slab, Box Sagger

NF-1, NF-2 Composes of special boned crystal Mullite providing the superlative compressive strength and the great volume stability at high temperature, which are important requirements, for the application of slab for pusher kiln.

MX-800 & M-27 The excellent low thermal expansion and the superior mechanical strength in order to withstand fully-loaded plate, whose outstanding performance material by means of the inter-bonding among the crystal Mullite particles,

Powder metals Setter, Plate, Donuts ring

High accuracy of flatness for mullite kiln furniture is needed for automobile parts production. Many NGK Mullite products are suitable for the application by special grinding process such as MX-800, NF-1, M/P etc.

Special Application

SNTC is unique company who can provide special shape kiln furniture by many kinds of material such as Silicon Carbide, Mullite-Cordierite and Mullite as per customer’s request.

Product material