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Ceramic Industry Cordierite Products (Mullite-Cordierite)

(Tableware, Tiles, Roof Tiles, Sanitaryware, etc)

Product features

Cordierite Products (Mullite-Cordierite)

Cordierite kiln furniture series included four formulas, which are meticulous quality by M/C, M/R, M/P and M/PA in various design and application.



The best choice for low and medium temperature firing with the advantage of thermal shock resistance, high strength and low thermal expansion.

Plate Sagger, Profile Setter and Box Sagger.

For plate sagger, profile setter and box sagger application which is applicable for medium high temperature tableware firing with excellent thermal shock resistance and high mechanical strength.

Fish Cranks, T-Cranks etc.

Crank application in various types of tableware, required high mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance.


NGK provides the ideal material for Support application regarding your requirement.

Post and Support Cordierite Products (Mullite-Cordierite) of plate setting having low thermal expansion and medium-low firing temperature.

Post Silicon Carbide Support for plate setting providing the superlative compressive strength and good oxidation resistance.

Combination of Mullite and Silicon Carbide refractory which is adequate for plate support and kiln car supported brick with excellent anti-oxidation property.

Mullite Support for plate and cranks, designed for higher firing temperature without distortion problem.

Product material