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Corporate information

Corporate information

Corporate message / basic policy

Corporate message

We will continue to take on the challenge of becoming an excellent company that can fly to the world in response to diverse needs .

We are evolving technology rooted in the tradition of more than 20 years every day.

Since 1997, SIAM NGK TECHNOCERA CO., LTD. (collectively, “SIAM-NGK” or “we”) Has been supplied insulating materials to the Ceramic and Tile Industry for many years and develop our manufacturing of the highest quality ceramics for fit into all types of furnaces and kilns, SIAM-NGK is uniquely positioned to provide you with superior products and dedicated service for an unparalleled range of applications. With innovative design and engineering, size capability, capacity, and cost-effective solutions, SIAM-NGK products stand ready to meet the most stringent demands of your industry.

We offer Cordierite, Mullite and Silicon Carbide products. These impervious fine-grained ceramic products are used in many applications where it is necessary to provide a protective atmosphere, in corrosive environments, at high temperatures without contamination. Material selection depends upon operating working conditions such as peak temperature, chemical environment, and abruptness of temperature change.

Standard products include various batts, Profile Setter, Plate Sagger,Box Sagger, Support, Crank and Donuts ring that are available for manufacture and design. We also have a significant capability for producing custom engineered products. Give us a call at or email us, so one of our experienced engineers can assist you in the material selection and design of your advanced ceramic component.

Basic policy

  1. Prioritize employee safety and health
  2. Comply with customer agreements, contracts, laws and internal regulations
  3. Contributing to the improvement of the global environment through daily activities
  4. Play your own role and work together to achieve overall optimization: Beautiful Harmony
  5. With everyone’s participation, challenge endless improvement